Blog: Deeper Learning Has a Race Problem—And It May Have the Solution.

Written by Sam Seidel | December 20, 2016.

The author’s summary may best describe this blog: “In the end, perhaps the most important question we can ask about deeper learning and race is: What educational model will most effectively prepare our children to dismantle the racism that plagues our society?  Will it be the factory model in which students are told a particular narrative about the history of their country and the world, and then trained to regurgitate it? Or will it be a model that encourages critical thinking, collective dialogue, and problem solving? Deeper learning is impacted by the same race problem the rest of our society suffers from: racism. Deeper learning is also our best hope at dismantling it.” Seidel suggests four (from among many) strategies that are already being done, and must be done by more of us, to address this racism.

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Sam Seidel