A Note to School Districts: Fish, Cut Bait, or Swim to Shore

Ed Week, By Contributing Blogger on April 10, 2019 8:26 AM

By John Watkins, a co-director of the Deeper Learning Dozen

This morning, my wife, who is an urban public school English teacher in a Linked Learning (College and Career) Pathway, the Public Health Academy, almost quit her job. I've never seen her so close to doing that, so angry, in tears, though she has had many opportunities over the last 10 years of her career. This was just one more of the hundreds of things that slowly wear her down, another "death by a thousand cuts." Don't assume that includes her students! Though they are quite challenging, and exhaust her, especially when she has to grade 160 essays or projects, she loves them, and they give her a sense of hope, joy, and occasionally even delight. No, what made her almost quit today was the incredible, pounding, oppressive inertia that the district bureaucracy puts in her way. READ MORE….

John Watkins